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Our Founding Story

For decades, the insole market has hardly changed and the products available haven’t met all the needs of the orthotics patients. Despite medical and technological advancements, insole construction and adjustments are still often performed manually (and inaccurately).

Today’s insoles are a passive product and are only manufactured for one set of measurements. But these measurements change, and so do the needs of patients.

In addition to being a lifelong custom orthotics user, Actics founder and CEO Ron Machanian is a tech enthusiast with an interest in AI, digital health, and big data. He previously served as a CTO and Senior Product and Innovation Manager in the medical field, and with a rich background in engineering, has both the executive and technical capabilities to translate the vision of Actics into a viable product.

Fed up with all the costly and time-consuming adjustments he has gone through year after year, Ron dropped everything and founded Actics in 2020. Ron's idea was to develop a smart insole with perfect adjustment and customization capabilities that can be performed based on real-time diagnostics and biofeedback.

Within months, Ron formed a team of like-minded individuals who believed in the Actics mission. Day in and day out, this eclectic team works to make digital Actics insoles an everyday reality for the hundreds of millions of people living with diabetes, orthopedic problems, and neurological challenges.