Digitizing the future of foot therapy

Meet Actics — a dynamic digital health platform that integrates wearable insoles with deep analytics capabilities to improve lives for hundreds of millions of people with acute and chronic foot or lower limb conditions as well as mobility challenges

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Enabling diverse use cases and markets

Other Conditions

Tens of millions suffer from neural disorders (such as Parkinson’s), obesity and age-related conditions that affect mobility and balance

Orthopedic Disorders

100M+ suffer from foot deformities, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, foot pain or injuries

Diabetic Foot

Over 80M are at high risk of Diabetic Foot Ulceration (DFU), Charcot and deformities, potentially facing amputations and death

Sports & Comfort

More and more people seek to upgrade sport performance and daily comfort

Clinical and economic burden of diabetic foot ulcers

In recent years, diabetic foot disease has grown to reach pandemic proportions.


The number of patients affected by DFU (life-time occurrence)


Risk of DFU recurrence within 2 yrs. 50%+ risk of mortality within 5 yrs. if amputated


Cost expenditure of DFU occurrence. Amputations can cost up to $100K


Annual US Diabetes related amputations expenditure

Installed Actics Chip

Save lives, time, costs, and resources

Actics optimizes the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of care of foot disorders associated with diabetes, orthopedic and neural conditions. Between 15-25% of all diabetic patients are expected to develop Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) at least once.

that adapts to you

The dual-patent pending Actics technology combines real-time monitoring, cloud-based artificial intelligence, and big data analysis to enable remote diagnostic monitoring, empowering providers to care for patients efficiently and effectively. Our product ecosystem will range from manual to digital to automated in order to meet all needs and budgets.

Optimized Foot Care from Diagnosis to Treatment

  • Actics insoles predict the risk of DFU weeks before ulcers form
  • Cloud-based monitoring & diagnosis improves real-time results
  • Dynamic treatment powered by AI enhances offloading plans
  • In-depth gait analysis will empower patients to maintain and improve mobility
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Actics Hybrid+

Custom-fabricated, adjustable, smart insoles with built-in bio-sensors and monitoring capabilities.

Actics Hybrid insoles integrate seamlessly into users’ everyday lives, allowing freedom of choice in footwear. They empower patients and physicians to make more accurate, real-time treatment decisions, preventing complications before they happen.

Actics One

Affordable prefabricated insoles that feature an adjustable built-in mechanism, Actics One allows for quick and unlimited custom adjustments.

  • Enables effective manual interventions by podiatrists and orthotists within minutes
  • Comes with up to 52 custom adjustment points allowing maximum fit to almost any foot and any need
  • Offers an off-the-shelf, instantly available, budget-friendly, and comfortable alternative to existing orthotics
Actics Insoles
Actics One
Actics continues to expand our platform with more solutions in the pipeline

Our Team

Ron Machanian

Ron is the inventor behind Actics technology, a game-changing innovation in the medical industry. With over 13 years of experience as a CTO and CPO of various technology companies, Ron has a proven track record of driving progress and growth. He holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering and an MBA, which have honed his skills and prepared him to be a leader in the field of medical technology.

Ron Machanian
Founder & CEO
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Yirmi Egert

In addition to establishing and managing the HiTEC technology incubator, Yirmi is a long-time entrepreneur and has previously served as a director for various technology companies. He has a B.A. in Economics and an MBA.

Yirmi Egert
Chairman, Business Development
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Gavriel Katz
ABOUT Gavriel

Gavriel is an experienced industrial manager who specializes in leading high-scale technical and operational development processes. He has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.

Gavriel Katz
Co-founder & VP of Engineering
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Ofer Elishoov, MD

Dr. Elishoov is a senior orthopedic surgeon specializing in diabetic foot care. He served as the Head of Foot and Ankle Services at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Dr. Ofer Elishoov, M.D.
Medical Director
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Nir Klein

An IoT and hardware expert with vast experience in cloud computing and software development. He has a B.Sc. in Electrical engineering and an MBA.

Dr. Lew Schon M.D.

Awards Winning Researcher, Teacher and Investigator and renowned foot and ankle surgeon. A former president of the AOFAS and served on the AAOS communications cabinet. Director of Orthopaedic Innovation at Mercy, MD, a Clinical Prof. of Orthopaedics at NYU and Johns Hopkins. He is also consultant to Athletes & Professional Sports Teams

Prof. Lew Schon, M.D.
Advisory board, Orthopedics
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Prof. David G. Armstrong

Prof. Armstrong is a revered podiatrist and healthcare policy advisor whose groundbreaking research has transformed the care of diabetic foot ulcers. Widely recognized as a leading expert in podiatry and wound care, he serves on numerous committees that shape US healthcare delivery and reimbursement decisions, resulting in improved patient outcomes and reduced costs.

Prof. David Armstrong, DPM
Advisory board, Podiatry & Diabetic Foot
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Prof. Meir Nyska, MD
ABOUT meir

A world-class orthopedic surgeon specializing in biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle.  Former president of the Israeli Foot and Ankle Society and former head of the Orthopedic Surgery Department at Meir General Hospital, Israel. Well-known researcher that authored more than 200 publications.

Prof. Meir Nyska, M.D.
Advisory board, Orthopedics
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Prof. Avivit Cahn, MD

Dr. Avivit Cahn, an esteemed endocrinologist at and Head of the Israeli Diabetic Foot and Wound Healing Society, enriches our advisory board with her expertise in big data, digital health, and personalized medicine. A graduate of Hebrew University with a fellowship at Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital, she has led significant clinical trials and authored over 80 publications, significantly advancing diabetic care.

Prof. Avivit Cahn, M.D.
Advisory board, Diabetes
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